‘Baby Reindeer’ crew in tears while filming episode 4


Baby Reindeer star Richard Gadd reveals emotional behind the scenes while filming episode 4

Baby Reindeer moved not only the viewers to tears but also the crew and creators.

Variety reported on Wednesday, May 8 that Richard Gadd revealed during a panel discussion on Tuesday, May 7, held at the DGA Theater Complex for Netflix’s FYC screening, that filming episode 4 for the real-life-based series left his crew in tears.

“We did close the set, but I was looking over and you’d see the props guys wiping tears from their eyes as they would be putting the props back how they should be,” the writer of the widely lauded Netflix series shared.

“The show was based in such a trauma that everyone on set felt at times it was a huge, weighty thing,” he continued to explain that filming episode four, which unfolded scenes of his sexual assault by a writer he used to work with, was difficult for the entire crew, “And it’s why I think everyone had such respect for everything.”

Gadd, who portrayed himself as the fictional character Donny Dunn in the dark comedy, raved over his crew mates, “I was blessed with this amazing team who kind of felt it with me in a lot of ways.”

Additionally, Gadd was joined by his Baby Reindeer co-stars Jessica Gunning, who played Martha, and Nava Mau, Dunn’s former love interest. Director Weronika Tofilska and editor Peter Oliver also served as panellists on Tuesday.

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