Goldie Hawn shares secret to 41-year relationship with Kurt Russell


Goldie Hawn shares secret to 41-year relationship with Kurt Russell

Goldie Hawn has recently spilled the secret to 41-year relationship with Kurt Russell without marriage.

“People fuse, and fusion is very bad,” said Hawn during an appearance on Dax Shepard’s podcast, Armchair Expert.

Reflecting on the pitfalls of marriage, Hawn explained, “Once you start losing yourself, engaged in someone else’s everything, become too dependent… then there’s a loss of respect, there’s expectation, and then a lot of people actually shift mentally when they feel tied up.”

Sharing why she never tied the knot with Russell, the actress mentioned, “I always said if I’m in a cage, and I’m a bird, and you leave the door open, I’ll probably never fly out.”

“If you close the door to the cage, my feathers will be gone, and I won’t look like a bird anymore. And I wouldn’t survive,” she remarked.

Hawn, who shares one biological son with Russell, gushed over him as she stated, “I picked him. I like that guy.”

“We don’t agree on certain things. He was tougher than me as a parent,” continued the Shampoo actress.

However, Hawn pointed out, “We have a very, very strong family because of it (their biological son). That was one of the things that gave us things to talk about.”

“But I think that if we were married, there probably could have been times, when you go, ‘Oh c’mon. I’m done,’” she added.

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