Madonna warned against getting plastic surgeries amid health scare


Madonna has been told to refrain from getting any more plastic surgeries and accept that her body will change as she ages.

Speaking to The Sun, personal trainer Ramona Braganza discussed the recent health scare of the popstar when she was rushed to the hospital after suffering a deadly bacterial infection.

Dishing on how the Material Girl hitmaker would need to give her body the relaxation it needs after recovery, the expert warned her against getting anymore cosmetic surgeries.

“I would advise Madonna based on test results to remain on standby,” the expert said. “Madonna will need to be given the exact science behind the prognosis.”

“She has to respect what is going on and take the advice of professionals,” the expert said, adding that health professionals should tell her the truth.

Braganza said if the truth about her health is diluted than she would think she is healthy enough to go on her Celebration tour, while noting how demanding world tours can be.

Changing the topic to her plastic surgeries, the expert said, “Madonna may also need to accept that she is getting old and that nothing is going to stop or reverse that.”

“This is a wake-up call in her senior years, so it is not so easy to forge through tough times in her health,” said Braganza, who trains Hollywood star Jessica Alba.

“Madonna’s name itself evokes beyond human capabilities but her 64-year-old body is going through biological human changes.

“I can only assume hormone replacement is a part of her protocols. This makes people feel more energetic and initially probably this is true.

“But this would all be along with extensive exterior or cosmetic surgery which is artificially slowing down time,” she noted. “Cosmetic surgery does not remove the biological breakdown that is still occurring inside Madonna’s body.”

“Madonna could also accept that she has flaws and that her hair is going to turn gray. When stars change their looks because of aging it is going to take a lot for them to realize that fans love them for their music.”

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