Prince Harry wishes to hug niece Princess Charlotte despite royal rift


Prince Harry wishes to hug niece Princess Charlotte despite royal rift

Prince Harry’s strained relationship with estranged brother Prince William is now impacting the relation that he has with his niece and nephews.

The Duke of Sussex, who is set to visit the UK in a matter of days, is seemingly longing to meet William and Kate Middleton’s children, especially Princess Charlotte, who just turned nine.

The Prince of Wales will not allow Prince Harry to meet his kids anymore, per Helena Chard, who told GB News.

“Wouldn’t it be lovely if Princess Charlotte could have a lovely hug from her uncle Harry? But it’s not going to happen,” Chard said. “There’s no way that Prince William will allow that.”

William will also not allow for the meeting especially in the current scenario when the Prince of Wales is diagnosed with cancer.

William and Harry had a strained relationship but it had gotten worse when the Duke branded his sibling as “ill-tempered.”

“I do think Prince Harry has to mend a few bridges, he’s got to do something to show a little bit of willingness,” she explained. “There’s been a lot of hurt there.”

She also noted that King Charles “wants to see his darling boy” and it would be easier if Prince Harry “gives a little bit more.”

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