Real reason behind Justin Bieber’s teary-eyed selfies revealed


Real reason behind Justin Bieber’s teary-eyed selfies revealed

Justin Bieber shed tears in his latest snaps out of his “love for Jesus,” claimed an insider.

For the unversed, the Peaches singer appeared emotional in his new photos on Instagram, leaving fans concerned about his well-being.

As the pictures went viral on social media, netizens claimed that the musician has been going through tough times due to his marital issues with his wife Hailey Bieber.

Some social media users also believed that Justin got emotional because of rapper P Diddy’s controversy.

As reported by Daily Mail, the source debunked the rumours, saying, “The pictures he put up of him crying may have prompted fans to question his wellbeing, and whether his marriage is on the rocks – but it was about his love of Jesus.” 

An insider continued, “It is deep, but he prays and often sheds tears after diving into his faith and though he prays and gives thanks for all that he has in his life, he gets carried away and the emotions that come from it all are released through tears.”

The source revealed that the Baby singer is not “ashamed or embarrassed” to embrace his emotions in front of his fans. The report added, “It helps him out for all that he goes through.”

“He feels that people should be vulnerable, and he is being vulnerable, and he believes it shows some maturity that he once didn’t have. In a word, he thinks it is beautiful,” an insider shared. 

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