Richie Sambora opens up about Jon Bon Jovi docuseries: ‘Tooo short’


Richie Sambora opens up about Jon Bon Jovi docuseries: ‘Tooo short’

Regarding the documentary series Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story, Richie Sambora recently shared his thoughts.

The former guitarist for Bon Jovi made his first public appearance since the publication of Hulu documentaries, during his performance at the 35th Barnstable Brown Kentucky Derby Eve Gala.

After this show, Richie spoke candidly with People Magazine and offered his thoughts on the most recent release.

Regarding the documentary series, which centres on the renowned American band Bon Jovi, Richie expressed discontent with the portrayal the show gave to its viewers.

According to reports, he believes that it gave more attention to vocalist Jon Bon Jovi than to the other band members.

“It’s his project and it’s his perspective,” Richie said in the start of the discussion.

He went on to declare that he has “a different perspective on all of that.”

He mentioned his recent performance, which was deemed to be “really good,” during that same conversation.

Speaking of the “too f****** short!” performance, Richie complained, “I only had 23 minutes,” before noting, “but I blew the roof off the place.”

The iconic musician sang two of his biggest hits, Wanted Dead or Alive and I’ll Be There for You, during this performance.

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